Booking Procedure

Want to contact us about a tattoo? It couldn't be easier. Have a read through our guide on how to book in with us.

If you have an idea of what you want you can fill out the form below, describing the tattoo you'd like and where you want it in the most accurate way. From there the form will arrive with whichever artist you'd like. The artist will take consideration over your ideas and then contact you via email to arrange an appointment and complete your booking. From there you will need to send a deposit to your chosen artist and that's it! You're all booked in. 

If you don't know what you'd like exactly and would like to arrange a consultation with an artist then you can also use the form below, just click the 'consultation' drop down and then fill out the form as normal. This will land with us and we can arrange for one of our artists to contact you to book you a consultation appointment at no cost at all. When in the studio for your consultation you can then discuss appointment dates for tattooing and also pay any deposits necessary. 



Deposits are required against all bookings for them to be completed. These can be paid in a number of ways, either directly to your artist in person, directly to your artists account, or to the studio paypal using the button at the bottom of the page. 

Deposits secure your appointment, and protect you and your artists commitment to the date. They are non-refundable and come off the overall cost of your tattoo. 

In cases where you can't make your appointment we always ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice. If this is given we will always move your deposit to a new appointment for you, however if you fail to give your artist enough notice then your deposit will be void.

We understand that in some cases emergencies happen and so do accidents. In cases where you can't meet your appointment or give us sufficient notice, we always aim to be fair. If we manage to fill the appointment, we'll transfer the paid deposit to a new appointment for you. 

If you fail to show for your appointment altogether with no notice the deposit is immediately void. 


Booking Form

Name *
Please select from the drop down menu which style of tattoo best describes what you would like to get from us.
Please select where on your body you would like the tattoo to go.
Artist *
Finally, please select a prefered artist
Which day of the week suits you best *
This helps us when it comes to the booking
Please confirm you have read the booking procedure and agree to the terms. *

Please email any reference photos you may have to using your name as the subject. 

If you have spoken with one of our artist and would like to pay the deposit please click the button below.