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I would never get tattooed anywhere else than this place. Unreal artists
— Darren Rutter, May 2017

A brief history of the studio and it's artists.

One Drop BLK first opened it's doors in 2015. Opened by the Middleton artist Maverick Montana. After working in some of the UK's leading studios for 9 years, Mav finally decided that it was time to open his very own studio. 

He took knowledge he gained from fellow studio owners and artists, and he knew exactly what he wanted his studio to be and represent. He didn't want the traditional tattoo shop feel. He wanted a modern, but homely, art gallery feel. 

The interior is simple, yet modern. It's a small and friendly, warming studio. We aim to make every client, of all sexes, ages and race to feel comfortable, relaxed and welcomed. 

We have 3 international artists, consisting of Maverick, Karolina (Mini) and Elliot. Mav has spent his entire career learning all styles, he specialises in realism, especially in black & grey. He picked up Best Portrait Award at the world renowned Bristol Tattoo Convention, for a healed tattoo, which is a testament for how his works looks in the long term and not just fresh. Karolina, or Mini as she's known, is a Polish born, all round artist. She does love delicate and intricate black and grey work, however is equally comfortable with solid traditional colours and designs. Elliot is our up and coming apprentice and first year artist. He loves all things weird and wonderful, and is a fountain of knowledge on all things artistic. This artwork is mainly traditional based, with a Salvador Dali vibe. 

We welcome you to visit us anytime to come and meet our artists and see what we do!  

Great Studio, Great Artists, Great Atmosphere :)
— Hannah Wilson, July 2016